Life on the Pharm

What’d it be like livin’ off the pharm?

Ball-bustin’ bronco boots’d be walkin’

Boots’d be walking, they’d be walkin’ strong

Till the crow flew by and landed

On a brittle branch

A bit down the way.

Holdn’ on tightn’ watchin’.

Watchin’ me a’scootin’

With its birds-eye view.

That’s what that little bird’d do.


Pharm-less too long, got to git back.

Sunk in cheeks, leg muscles done went weak

C’mon blue-black crow bird

C’mon’n show me back the way,

I need t’go, ‘cause

If’n I ain’t got the pharm,

My boot scootin’ won’t git me too far

Any old way.


Crow bird fly away, lead the wayn’

I’ll follow ya back.

Jus’ stop ever so offin’

Along your way.

Jus’ stop along your way-

‘N make sure the pharm hasn’t already gotten t’me,

‘N stopped my boots from ‘a scootin’

Stopped my sore legs a movin’.



Could be deadn’ my own boot scootn’ tracks today.

The pharm’d git me, if the crow bird

Just flew away. Showed me tho-

My way back, then flew right away.

Saved me from bein’

A vultures, special of the day.

‘Tho the meal wouldn’tve been fillin’

Skin’n bones’d be all there was to be on dat plate.


Made it back t’ da pharm.

Swallowed um up’n pulled off my

Boots, theyd’ not git me too far-

Them there boots, they

Wouldn’t git me too far any ‘ol way.

I reckon, the pharm’s where I’ll have to stay

From now, till Some Great Vacation

Flies me away.