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Perfect Night’s Sleep


Here is where the sun sets magnificently each and every day’s ends day.

Wispy pink cotton candy and violet salt-water taffy skies,

Stay and mingle for just the right amount of time.

Turning when due into fiery red-hot’s and grape ape’s deep hues,

Just before darkness returns with twilight’s end greeting you formally adieu.

And when darkness does slowly prevail, close your eyes and listen

To the oceans powerful ebbs and inward swells.

The earth breathes; an elongated inhale and crashing exhale; alive!

Beach blanket snuggles, ensure your night’s comfortable stay,

For tomorrow’s colors are but a sweet dream away.

And when you wake, you won’t be denied colors, oh the colors!

Colors welcome your perfect morning’s rise-Peachy plum ochre palate hint of blue sky,

Poke through an early morning’s patchy plume fog arise.

Stretch yourself awake and intake your surroundings of a day anew.

Gulls loud calling, beach bird running from foam tide rolling.

Early bird joggers with their retrievers following.

Peripheral viewing of a ground squirrel shooting

Into a crevice of its habitual rock dwelling.

Salt water breath of fresh sea air, wind blowing awry, wind-blown hair

What a way to start a fresh new day, and end the previous evening’s awe,

In this; a rich and most perfect way!

So if destiny finds you at the west coast seas,

Stay the night, bring a blanket and take it all in-

All your eyes and memory will behold, remember and see!



Life on the Pharm

What’d it be like livin’ off the pharm?

Ball-bustin’ bronco boots’d be walkin’

Boots’d be walking, they’d be walkin’ strong

Till the crow flew by and landed

On a brittle branch

A bit down the way.

Holdn’ on tightn’ watchin’.

Watchin’ me a’scootin’

With its birds-eye view.

That’s what that little bird’d do.


Pharm-less too long, got to git back.

Sunk in cheeks, leg muscles done went weak

C’mon blue-black crow bird

C’mon’n show me back the way,

I need t’go, ‘cause

If’n I ain’t got the pharm,

My boot scootin’ won’t git me too far

Any old way.


Crow bird fly away, lead the wayn’

I’ll follow ya back.

Jus’ stop ever so offin’

Along your way.

Jus’ stop along your way-

‘N make sure the pharm hasn’t already gotten t’me,

‘N stopped my boots from ‘a scootin’

Stopped my sore legs a movin’.



Could be deadn’ my own boot scootn’ tracks today.

The pharm’d git me, if the crow bird

Just flew away. Showed me tho-

My way back, then flew right away.

Saved me from bein’

A vultures, special of the day.

‘Tho the meal wouldn’tve been fillin’

Skin’n bones’d be all there was to be on dat plate.


Made it back t’ da pharm.

Swallowed um up’n pulled off my

Boots, theyd’ not git me too far-

Them there boots, they

Wouldn’t git me too far any ‘ol way.

I reckon, the pharm’s where I’ll have to stay

From now, till Some Great Vacation

Flies me away.


It Does, Alright

I swallow the happy ending

Every night

Sad days and lonely

Non-existent, phony

I swallow the happy ending.

The pain, the boo-boo.

Doc said so, so

I swallow it, nightly—-

A bad dream turns

Early morning into

False happy.

Prescribed emotion,

Raw, pure exhaustion,

Missed love causes

A diseased satisfaction.

It happens a lot

I swallow the happy ending.

Now, out of habit.

I swallow it and then have it.

An impossible cure without it

A happy ending to consume

Each morning

After you swallow it.

Pressed precious pill

Torn off page from the doctors pad

Will heal

Ease pain, smiles again

Every tablet

Saves us, sad ones

Tortured ones

Mad ones,

Mistreated ones,

Anyone who might need one

To seek happiness again.

Can swallow a happy ending

If a happy ending,

Needs to replace a

Non-one that’s been.

Turned upside-down,

Hanging on a monkey bar

Stay there awhile,

Hanging upside-down,

A Smiling frown.

From a pill

The big Gorilla, turns

To hanging monkeys on a bar.

A smile to replace the frown.

Swallowed pill


Monkey bar thrill.


I swallow the happy ending…


I take it every night,

I swallow the happy ending.

Doctor said it would

And it does,

If every night I swallow it.

Never thought a pill

Could make the pain

Deceitfully feel good.

It does….

And it does…..


Makes the pain

Feel good, even if it ain’t–

A magician

A physician

A pill

Swallowed each night

A happy, happy ending

A pharmaceutical binocular,

But a happy ending is faint in sight.


Bad feels good

After I swallow the happy ending

At night.


It does…

It does…


It does, alright.


14,600 Plus

It wasn’t meant to turn out this way,

All fucked up

A different tale told

We all knew it, too

Warned you to go

You stayed anyway.


Should have only stayed a while,

You wrote it down, yourself

On your own damn page

Should have packed um up n ran away

You stayed anyway.


Now, torrential rain


Eyes out

Crackled desert dry.

A bit shed here,

A duct’s swell there

Never stopped

They only ever fell.

Raindrop’s on a wet day.

Torrential pain.

Price paid.

Didn’t leave.


You stayed…


Fourteen Thousand

Six Hundred

Some Odd Days.

Life in minutes,

Whole shebang

Water in a drain.


Torrential rain


My eyes out

Crackled desert dry.

A drop shed here,

A duct’s swell there

Never stopped

They only ever fell.

Raindrop’s on a wet day.

Torrential pain.

Price paid.


You stayed…


Fourteen Thousand

Six Hundred

Some Odd Days.

Didn’t ever leave.



You stayed…



Knuckle sandwich,

My bologna has only one name


Bruised costume disguise,

A boy’s love denied

Left him high, a desert dry

Why? Tell me why

Did you let him get away?

You lied.

Got away



Got away



You stayed…


Fourteen thousand

Six Hundred

Some Odd Days.

Minutes in a life.


Whole shebang

Water in a drain.



Wave good-bye

Ghost on my wardrobe

Sweet dreams,

Can’t put up a fight

Couldn’t win

Gone, you’re gone.

Spit on fingers

Extinguished candle’s light.


Wave good-bye,



Sweet dreams,

Water in a drain.


In a drain…