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Perfect Night’s Sleep


Here is where the sun sets magnificently each and every day’s ends day.

Wispy pink cotton candy and violet salt-water taffy skies,

Stay and mingle for just the right amount of time.

Turning when due into fiery red-hot’s and grape ape’s deep hues,

Just before darkness returns with twilight’s end greeting you formally adieu.

And when darkness does slowly prevail, close your eyes and listen

To the oceans powerful ebbs and inward swells.

The earth breathes; an elongated inhale and crashing exhale; alive!

Beach blanket snuggles, ensure your night’s comfortable stay,

For tomorrow’s colors are but a sweet dream away.

And when you wake, you won’t be denied colors, oh the colors!

Colors welcome your perfect morning’s rise-Peachy plum ochre palate hint of blue sky,

Poke through an early morning’s patchy plume fog arise.

Stretch yourself awake and intake your surroundings of a day anew.

Gulls loud calling, beach bird running from foam tide rolling.

Early bird joggers with their retrievers following.

Peripheral viewing of a ground squirrel shooting

Into a crevice of its habitual rock dwelling.

Salt water breath of fresh sea air, wind blowing awry, wind-blown hair

What a way to start a fresh new day, and end the previous evening’s awe,

In this; a rich and most perfect way!

So if destiny finds you at the west coast seas,

Stay the night, bring a blanket and take it all in-

All your eyes and memory will behold, remember and see!



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